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Oil Tank Removal Before Selling a House

Although there aren’t any specific laws requiring removal of oil tanks before selling or buying a house, the presence of an underground oil tank should prompt a few steps before a sale is finalized. Buyers throughout New Jersey are often advised by their insurance companies and lawyers to avoid property purchases that involve underground oil ...
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My Underground Oil Tank Has Been Removed – Now What?

If you’re a homeowner in New Jersey, you know the importance of oil tank removal and remediation by now. To protect the environment and your property, it is recommended that all underground oil tanks which are out of service be removed by certified professionals. The process only takes about 3 to 4 hours to complete and can alleviate a lot of...
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The Important Role of a Licensed Site Remediation Professional

Many New Jersey residents have been asking about licensed site remediation professionals lately. What are they? What is their role in environmental cleanup projects? Why would you need a LSRP? And which company should you trust for reliable LSRP services? Let Meridian help clear up some of the confusion around this important figure and the role tha...
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What to Know About Oil Tank Removal in New Jersey

Over the past few decades, the underground oil tanks used in so many New Jersey homes have become a cause for concern. Extremely common in homes built between 1930 and 1990, these USTs (underground storage tanks) have a limited lifespan, especially in certain soil geology throughout the state of New Jersey. An oil tank in your home or the home you&...
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