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Remediation Services

After the completion of an initial survey and a thorough soil testing and analysis, heating oil leaks may be discovered. When heating oil from an underground or above ground storage tank comes into contact with soil or groundwater; the State of New Jersey requires property owners to take immediate action; prompting the clean up process. Storage tanks can rust and leak over time – producing an environmental hazard. The best course of action to remediate a discharge from an underground tank is to remove the source, which is the contaminated soil.

Soil Delineations and Remediations

  • If a discharge has occurred to the surface or subsurface soil, it must be reported to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), subsequently a case number will be assigned to the property. Meridian Environmental will assess the extent of the contamination and will provide guidance moving forward.
  • Soils believed to be contaminated above the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection NJDEP clean-up criteria may be excavated or sampled and left in place in accordance with the States guidelines. If excavation is required, all contaminated soils will then be disposed of at a State approved recycling facility.
Soil Cleanup Services

Groundwater Remediation and De-watering Systems

When groundwater is found to be contaminated above the applicable NJDEP Groundwater Standards, the groundwater must be remediated to bring the groundwater quality within NJDEP Groundwater Criteria.

  • Meridian Environmental must delineate the extent of groundwater contamination through various testing prior to implementing taking action.
  • The Groundwater Clean up process can be attempted by but not limited to; installing pumps and treatment systems, implementing de-watering methods, perform injections, and/or in-situ.
Dewatering Services

Geo-Probe Investigation Services

When testing for groundwater delineations, we use a Geo-Probe. This is a machine used to drill down and quickly collect soil and groundwater samples. Some of the benefits of using this machine are:

  • Quick and Simple site delineations
  • Collection of continuous soil samples
  • Collection of groundwater samples
  • Installation of permanent monitoring wells
  • Placement of temporary observation wells or piezometers
  • Easy soil classification
  • Simple bedrock profile gathering
  • Evaluation of groundwater elevation
  • Multiple sizes of observation or recovery wells - 2" and 4"
Geo-Probe Investigation Services

Mold Assessment and Remediation

Meridian performs an in-depth property inspection for mold which may include air quality testing, wipe sample, swab and surface samples to check for any toxic, elevated, or unusual microbial growth. Mold can occur after water damage or water intrusion; roof leaks, pipe leaks, water getting into your home or basement, flooding etc.

  • Investigate exact location of mold.
  • Conduct an Air quality testing throughout the home and areas of concern.
  • Remove and remediate the mold source through chemical treatment or physically removing the affected area.
  • Perform final testing via 3rd party.

We utilize natural mold remediation products created by Benefect to safely and effectively remove mold growth. Please clicktap the links below for more information about each product.

Benefect Mold Remediation Product
Mold Testing and Remediation Services

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Meridian Environmental is a customer service oriented business. Along with their expertise in the area of oil tank removal and clean up, they are committed to making the property owner feel comfortable and secure.
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